Alexia Georghiou
1 min readApr 10, 2022


Our takeaway is that research proves to us consistently over the past century that putting in more hours does not equate increased productivity. Data is shared from worldwide comparisons with action steps:

1. Just plan it.

Take the first 15 minutes of the day to plan your focus.

2. Trick yourself into getting started.

Start a project but don’t finish it in one day. This could be the first sentence of an email, or a draft that is not sent. Go home, rest and return refreshed the next day.

3. Set habits, not just goals.

Goals have a place and so do habits. Begin the first hour of the day focused to complete an unfinished task from the previous day. You could then check email and develop your action plan for the day.

Remember an aha moment while in the shower? Some of the best ideas and solutions come to us when we are most relaxed.

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