Alexia Georghiou
2 min readOct 30, 2019


My Pathway to the “Unstoppable Cultures Fellowship”

One of my talks includes an illustration on how we live on the bottom level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In order to self-actualize, we have to have our basic needs met, proceed to find a state of contentment, & realize that connection & community is key to our success. Finally, we need to let go of the stress we cannot control daily. That is a tall order. I have a story about the importance to get our head above our daily stressors…

Once upon a time, there was a gorilla who walked into a group of people gathered to accomplish a task. Half the people noticed him and he felt so very sad…

The gorilla study shows us that, “looking is not the same as seeing..we have to focus attention on something in order to become aware of it.” This is a powerful illustration all we have to do to succeed, is embrace what is in and around us everyday. What will happen when we begin to see life outside of our needs, & connect with those around us… is the ability to see, and become increasingly aware of the opportunities surrounding us.

I began my journey as a Life Coach in February 2018 with hopes to help people see such realities. Along my pathway, I was encouraged to unite with others on a similar pathway as mine by creating a coalition. In March 2019 we had our first gathering at a Chick fil a in Knoxville, TN, and called ourselves, ‘The Knoxville Happiness Coalition.’ Business leaders showed interest in speaking & sharing their story, and we proceeded with monthly meetings that are free and open to our community.

In August 2019, Ginger Hardage messaged me on Linked In, inviting me to her fellowship. My response was delayed, as it took a while for me to digest the opportunity. Part of my pause, was imposter syndrome. The inaugural fellowship in 2018 included prominent executives from corporations seeking to create healthy corporate culture. Who was I to attend?

As life has whirled around me since that day, I have made it a priority to attend and make a difference in my hometown of Knoxville, TN. My purpose is to create a plan that is adaptable to various settings, fostering healthy change in culture. Upon accepting this invite, my business plan has been further developed. I look back and think, ‘what if I hadn’t created the coalition and waited for someone else?’ I would have missed this life altering opportunity. Lesson learned…when you have an idea…go for it!

More about the fellowship: