• Lynn Salyers

    Lynn Salyers

  • Eva Schonveld

    Eva Schonveld

    Working towards a new relational political system

  • Mister Editorial

    Mister Editorial

    Many internal comms teams don’t have an editorial strategy. I’m here to fix that. Newsletter: https://mistereditorial.substack.com/.

  • Rihab Lajmi

    Rihab Lajmi

    An Electrical Engineering student, artist and Co-Founder of Horizon Gallery. I work as a Category Manager in the Microsoft XBOX DACH and I love writing 🖋

  • Clare Hedin

    Clare Hedin

  • Rim Rekik

    Rim Rekik

    A telecommunications engineer specialized in data science who is extremely passionate about reading and thirsty for knowledge.

  • Liubov Poisson

    Liubov Poisson

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