Wellness is a Community Journey

What would our world be like if we all checked in with one another regarding one topic: wellness? The Harvard 80 year study found connection is the main contributing factor of happiness. Studies on companionate love at work point to an emerging practice among organizations that brings profit to organizations in multiple ways. This includes putting employee well-being in the forefront. Recent studies have shown increase in employee engagement, productivity, reduction in absenteeism, and increase in bottom line earnings when happy employees care for their customers bringing joy to investors.

We may all agree this sounds great, however, change in…

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Burnout was recently defined as an epidemic and diagnosable condition by the World Health Organization. With the COVID19 pandemic, it is time to begin developing onsite self-care strategies. Whether we are in the office, or joining virtually, there are stressors leading to the burnout that so many have recently experienced. As helping professionals…

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The tale of the indigenous is everyone’s story. What would happen if we all traced the beginnings of our ancestors? Indigenous means originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native. In 2020, I sought to help with our understanding to decrease bias and increase connection with unity as a human race. My pathway led me to conduct appreciative inquiries with individuals who have ties to supporting indigenous communities or have ties to their family’s original environment.

I met Nicolle Ma through a mutual connection and found her to be an inspiration in gathering resources to support local projects. During…

My Pathway to the “Unstoppable Cultures Fellowship”

One of my talks includes an illustration on how we live on the bottom level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In order to self-actualize, we have to have our basic needs met, proceed to find a state of contentment, & realize that connection & community is key to our success. Finally, we need to let go of the stress we cannot control daily. That is a tall order. I have a story about the importance to get our head above our daily stressors…

Once upon a time, there was a gorilla who walked…

Alexia Georghiou

Speaker | Life Coach | Consultant | Non-Credit University Instructor https://theresilientpathway.com

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